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Welcome to my journal. I must warn you, I talk a lot about Tin Man and CSI. There's also some Doctor Who, Stargate, Eureka, and Being Human sprinkled on the side.

I will occasionally post picspams of Neal McDonough and William Petersen in their various roles. Because I can't get enough of these two.

“Grissom’s not going away forever, anyway. Maybe he’ll go to Mexico, then come back and take Catherine with him. A tequila holiday!”
-Billy Petersen - TV Guide

You may friend me if you like, or watch, or run away. It's your choice. But be warned, I do not ship Doctor/Rose, Cain/DG, or Grissom/Sara. I do ship Doctor/Romana, Wyatt/Adora, and Grissom/Catherine.

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Oz: The Great and Powerful


I'm still here!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are doing well

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Sharknado 3!

I love people complaining about the science in Sharknado. It's a movie titled Sharknado; it doesn't care about science. Just enjoy it!

If this happened during a NASCAR race, I would probably watch. Not the crash, the sharks causing the crash, that is.

 photo sharknado-3-nascar-crash_zps64favxoq.gif

Love Wins!

It's been a while!

So, here's what has been going with me.

Most importantly, my beautiful grandson was born on January 12th, weighing in at 10 pounds 6 ounces! Everyone is doing well and my son is adapting to his new role as father. We did go up to see the happy family and I can't wait to get back up there to hold him again. The latest pictures has him already pushing his butt up in the air! I am now officially being called Nana and I love it!

Secondly, I finished my medical transcription externship a week ago. It lasted 3 LONG months, but I did so well that on Tuesday I was offered a job! I'm being assigned to two projects, one that starts on Monday and the other starts in six to eight weeks, both are hospital accounts.

Thirdly, we're back to fighting the foreclosure again, which we knew was going to happen. Our lawyer stated he can keep us in the house at least for another year, which is great. Mini-Me graduates high school this June, so there really would not be anything keeping us in the house after, but it will give us more time to put away so we can move. Since I work at home, I can move anywhere without it affecting my employment.

Fourthly, yeah, I already mentioned it above. Mini-Me graduates from high school in June! No more dealing with public schools and most importantly, having to deal with the constantly changing FCAT nonsense. Thankfully, she had passed all of her FCAT requirements to graduate during her sophomore year.

Fifthly, hubby should be moving into his new position at the bank in the next couple of months and that promotion also comes with a pay increase! I cannot wait for that to happen.

Sixthly, the kittens are outside now. We got them fixed through the county's TNR (trap, neuter, release) program. Cas is not all that happy, which I thought he would be since he was escaping constantly. Sam, who didn't make one escape attempt, loves it outside. Dean, well, Dean is Dean, he always wanted to be outside. He took off but we may have seen him the other day at someone's house on another block. Sam and Cas have stayed in our yard and with them being neutered, I don't think they'll run off. We still feed them, but I've seen them hunting. We do have a small field used for crops next to our house and I've seen Socks (Cas' Pop) catch some good size field mice/rats in our yard. We also provided them with shelter when it rains. These two are not going anywhere.

I guess that's it for now. Take care everyone!

Tin Man Fic: My Sacrifice

Blows the dust off this one. I can't believe it's been more than a year since I last posted an update.

Title: My Sacrifice
Author: gatechic
Characters/Pairing: A bunch of people - I'm too lazy to list. This will be centered around Azkadellia and Garrett, eventually.
Rating: PG 13-16
Summary: Post-series. After the events of Bad Company. The Zone is in disarray with fractions forming across the land. Will DG and the Cains be able to save the Zone from another war or will brother fight brother? One will make the ultimate sacrifice, one will get revenge, and one will heal.
WARNING: Original character death.
Word Count: 3,063
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A/N: This is a WIP and full of OCs. Written for the Big Damn Prompt Table. My table, complete with the finished icons, is here. Yes, I do intend on finishing the other fics, but my muse writes what he wants to write.

Government||Symbol, support, Government||Symbol, support, erase||Heat, solid||Bizarre||Day||Boot, catch/caught, tangle||Paint, granted, envelope, rock||Mythic, stripes, liquid,luck||Skull/Head||Dragon, Knob, Fancy, List||Ship, Branch/Stick, Bead||Sharp||Snippet

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I'm still here!

I know I've been quiet lately, but it's all good stuff, well mostly.

Mini-Me started her senior year in high school two weeks ago. She loves all of her classes and most of her teachers. Her pre-cal teacher is boring. Well, still better than the idiot she had last year.

I'm mostly done with the transcribing course; I'm just waiting to hear if I made it into the externship or not. I did pass with Honors, so we'll see. But here's the thing - I GOT A JOB! I'm a medical biller. I know, I know, not transcribing, but the knowledge I gained in that helped me get the job. My boss was actually looking for an MT, but when the job fell through she asked if I would be interested in billing. I said, "Hell yeah!" And bam, here I am. I work from home and have the luxury of setting my own hours. I've done so well I'm already receiving a bonus.

We still have the kittens. For us to put them up for adoption on the Cat Network, we'll have to get them vaccinated and neutered. I think I'm going to open an account on GoFundMe and ask for donations. It's going to cost us about $300 through the county for the services, which is still cheaper than if we went to a vet. I don't regret taking them in, though. They have developed such great personalities in the four months we've had them. Cas is adventurous, curious, and loves to sleep in paper bags. Dean is extremely playful and enjoys sleeping in boxes, when he's not sleeping next to me. Sam is needy and the most calm of the three. He loves constant human contact. He's also a great hunter of bugs. I know they'll make great pets for families.

That's it for now. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Hey all!

I'm still here!

So, time to catch up on my life. First off, the biggest news of all! I'm going to be a grandmother! My son, Chris, is going to be a daddy! The baby is due in February. I'm excited at the prospect of getting the child hyped up on sugar and giving him/her back to Chris.

Update on the mortgage uproar. Last October, our account was sold to another lender. We finally got the paperwork to fill out for a loan modification (this is the fourth time we've done this). And two weeks ago, or was it last week, we got a letter saying our account was sold - AGAIN! Upside, we've decided that this is it. Mini-Me is in her last week of her junior year in high school. This whole deal with the last lender lasted nearly a year, if we can get another year out of it, we'll just leave once Mini-Me graduates, or sooner if we can find a place.

Yes, our credit will be crap, but it's crap now. We'll survive and we can build it back up.

Hubby got a permanent job that pays nearly what he was making before and with great benefits! We're so thankful.

I'm currently working on my finals for the advanced course. I'm not sure if I'll score well enough to do the externship, but I'll do my best. The reason why I say that is because this school's grading sucks. It's common to get things marked off on a second submit that wasn't marked off before. They're excuse is, "Grading is hard and mistakes are made." On one of my benchmarks, they told me the doctor did not dictate a medical condition. I fought it. And won. They're excuse was the grader I had didn't have an updated Key. I also did not get an apology. What a bunch of bull. While the school is AHDI approved, it's a lousy school. At this point, I just want to finish and be done with it. The upside, I may have a job doing medical billing, which I can do from home. :)

Mini-Me is volunteering at an animal hospital. They did surgery on a cat that had a kidney tumor. They're going to give Mini-Me the tumor in a jar so she can take it to school when it starts up in August.

Speaking of cats. A female cat that lives behind us had kittens by our sliding glass doors. We took the new family in because we don't trust the people behind us to care for them. Belle had four kittens, one didn't make it, though. The surviving kittens are all males. So, we did what any geeky family would do: We named them Dean, Sam, and Cas. We are currently looking for good homes for them.

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Geek Holiday!

May the Fourth be with you!

Tin Man Fanfiction

Title: To Protect and To Serve
Author: gatechic
Characters/Pairing: Wyatt/Adora
Rating: PG 16 (is there a rating for seducing a Tin Man?)
Summary: Pre-series. Adora seduces her Tin Man.
Word Count: 566
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I know I'm a day late, but...

Happy Birthday, erinm_4600!

So, for your birthday, here is a little snippet of the next chapter of My Sacrifice.

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In school news: I passed that benchmark I was fretting over.

In house news: We know why the mortgage company dropped the foreclosure against us, they sold our account to a different company. Nice. Now we get to start the process all over again. But, if it keeps us in the house for another year, long enough for Mini-Me to graduate high school, I'm okay with it.

In Hubby's work news: He was told he's going to be offered a full-time position once his contract is up.


So, this past August I turned 50 (I have no problem admitting that). I'm not the one to say I'm going to stop having birthdays because I'm blessed to be able to celebrate another year.

I keep saying I'm going to turn in Benchmark 3-2, but I keep trying to figure out the blanks. I don't want the grader to think I didn't try, but if I can't decipher the mumbling, what more can I do?

I withdrew Mini-Me from her Creative Photography class. They wanted assignments done in a ridiculously short period of time. On top of her AP and Honor class assignments it was too much for her. She does want to re-enroll in the course at a later date, though. We're thinking next summer when she doesn't have a full load of courses on her shoulders.

The mortgage company dropped the foreclosure case against us, and we weren't the only ones. Apparently the same company dropped a lot of their cases since they decided to offer loan modifications. It's been nearly two months since we got this news and no word from the mortgage company. It looks like our tactic worked, but they don't seem to be willing to contact us or return our calls. They did, however, tell our insurance company that we no longer live in the house. We told them that's not true. We still have our lawyer's number just in case this mortgage company tries to pull the rug out from under us.


First, if you have the day off and you're enjoying Labor Day, thank a Union.

I'm going to cut this short because how it all happened is rather lengthy, but Mini-Me is no longer in Weight Training! Friday morning she threw up during the class and I went to the school to pick her up. This was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back, so after talking to the Head Counselor, Mini-Me is a student aide for a teacher she has known since middle school. Mini-Me is now extremely happy.

First day of school for Mini-Me!

Yesterday Mini-Me started her first full day as a junior in high school. She was disappointed in one of her classes, weight training. She didn't list that as one of her electives but funding was cut for the fine art electives, which she needs for graduation. I spent the weekend emailing her counselor and we were able to get her signed up for an online course through Florida Virtual Student for creative photography, which will satisfy her fine arts credit. As far as weight training goes, the counselor is going to try to get her out of that class.

The rest of her classes, though she really likes and is happy with all her teachers. This year, they have a new vet teacher for the program and Mini-Me couldn't be happier with the choice the school made. She's in Vet Assisting 4/Level 3 (Honors) and while the focus is on agriscience and natural resources this year, they will be getting more hands-on experience with animals. The teacher is working on having some vets come in and teach the students about what they do and what vet assistants do in their offices. The teacher is also working with the vet science program at another high school to get some of their dogs and cats. Mini-Me's class does have a kennel in the back of the class that the teacher and the students are busy cleaning up. Since they are going to be studying agriscience, they do have gardening tools and the school is going to give them a part of the field (the school does not have any sport teams) so they can plant a garden. It sounds like with this teacher, Mini-Me is actually going to learn about vet assisting with hands-on lessons instead of just book lessons.

Mini-Me has two Honor classes (Vet and English) and one Advanced Placement class (US History). Along with the photography class, she has seven classes this year, if you count weight training. Two of those classes are online, the other being Spanish 2. For her History class, she will have two textbooks and she said her teacher is awesome.

I'm glad to see her so happy even with the possibility of her having to stay in weight training (I told her at least it's indoors). It looks like it's going to be an exciting and busy year for her and she couldn't be happier. Well, she could if she gets out of weight training.

My icon choice is on purpose, we may have baby common basilisks (Jesus Christ lizards) in the backyard. Needless to say, they're thriving. They're getting so used to us now they're coming up to the sliding glass doors.


The Benchmark tests are getting harder. Ack! But it's all good.

Temple Run: Oz added some costume changes for Oscar and added China Girl. My favorite is the Magician Oz. The Emerald City location will be added soon. I'm at Level 86 - I think.

I went to go see This Is the End and laughed so hard I had tears. This normally is not my sort of humor but this is a funny movie.

So, after not paying our mortgage since October of last year (basically forcing the mortgage company to talk to us after repeated attempts at a loan modification) and getting a lawyer to keep us out of foreclosure, the mortgage company contacted us because they want to negotiate a loan modification. Ha! We filled out the paperwork two weeks ago and we haven't heard from them since.

Mini-Me is done with her sophomore year in high school. Yay! Two more years to go!

 photo tumblr_mok2fbtAc21qhuc9do2_250_zps0f9ad777.gif


Yeah, baby!


What's up, LJ?

School report: I got an 80 on 2-1 and 2-2 (my Benchmark 2 test). Now, normally that would be a low-B grade, but for this advanced course, that's failing. I need to get an 82 to pass and a 90 or better to move on to the internship program. I did resubmit them and I got a 98 on 2-1 and a 100 on 2-2. I need to listen better because I'm still missing words and still misspelling some medical terms, like radio instead of radial. I should not be making those kinds of mistakes. So, I put together a checklist to go through before submitting my tests. After I pass the Benchmark 3 tests, I will be halfway done with the course.

Mini-Me has four more weeks left of school. This year has gone by fast.

Found this and thought I would share:

 photo TeamOz_zps9f3b2aa2.jpg

Boston Marathon...

My prayers and thoughts go out to those in Boston.

I still have family in Boston, so I called my Mom and as far as she knows no family members were injured.

Much acommplished yesterday!

It was such a lousy day because of the weather I did a lot of studying. I have one practice dictation left for the module I'm working on. Proofread part of the first test of my benchmark and found that I put hyperglycemia as a diagnosis condition but it should be hypoglycemia because the patient came in with low blood sugar, not high. Go me for spotting that! I also managed to take some quizzes.

Later in the day, I managed to do some more writing. So, all in all, it was a good day.

Hubby is still looking for a better paying job. The one he has now just isn't working. People at the bank keep telling him that they're trying to get him in as a full employee (he's doing contract work for them), but they don't seem to be moving very fast on employment, which is crazy since what they're paying the contract company they could pay Hubby - if they really want him as a full employee. I think they're trying to figure out a position for him, which from what Hubby's been told would be in management.

We had to cut down on our cable, which means no more BBC America, ESPN, Syfy, TBS, TNT, etc. Apart from BBCA and ESPN, I really don't miss the other channels (I can watch Doctor Who and Warehouse 13 by other means). If better income starts rolling in we can always go back to the better cable packages.

We also have an appointment to meet with the lawyer about the house situation on Thursday. It's looking like moving is going to be our best option.

It's that time of year!

All of South Florida, from the west coast to the east coast, is under a tornado watch until 8 pm. Fun times.


To all those on flist who celebrate, Happy Easter! And Happy Passover!

Since Mini-Me started her Conservation Teen Scientist program at Zoo Miami, Hubby and I became members of the Zoological Society. We figured we were going to be spending a crazy amount of time at the zoo and we did yesterday. This weekend the zoo is having its annual Easter egg hunt called Egg Safari. For the weekend the picnic area is taken over by little ones wanting to hunt for Easter eggs. They split the kids up in age groups and literally corral them in sections. The kids have a couple of minutes to hunt for as many eggs as they can. That group leaves, the area is refreshed with more eggs, and the next group enters the ring. They also have slides, rock climbing, although since this is Florida it's palm tree climbing, booths for face painting, pictures with the Easter Bunny, and booths from various sponsors including Radio Disney.

The fun isn't reserved for just the human kids. The animals are given an 'Easter egg' of their own to tear into to find their treats.

It was a nice 75 degrees yesterday, but my arms still got burned - forgot the suntan lotion, but I did remember to bring my hat. Mini-Me ended up having to call security on some people who could not comprehend the words on the sign that read, "Please do not feed the animals." She tried to explain that the animals diets are specialized and popcorn is not on the menu.

I resubmitted my benchmark tests last week and I am happy to report that I received scores of a 100 and 98! I was told by the grader that the tests get harder. Great. As if these were not hard enough. I have my next bencmhark tests already transcribed, I just need to proofread them and do some research.

I'm thinking of doing a more detailed review of Oz The Great and Powerful, because since I've started to reread The Wonderful Wizard of Oz I realized why Oscar's transformation didn't seem complete. And it shouldn't have been complete. It becomes complete when Dorothy calls him out on his scam.

I ended up missing most of Doctor Who last night. My DVR didn't record the episode. We had some problems with the box a few weeks ago and it seemed to had corrected itself, but it decided to go wonky last night.

March Madness and stuff

GO CANES! We're off to the 3rd round!

Disney posted the amazing opening titles to Oz The Great and Powerful.

The titles behind the cut.Collapse )

Ever since I posted a link to a photo of James Franco with his Oscar doll on Facebook, I get email notifications every time he posts something on Whosay. So this gem came in today. And if you're wondering about his cornrows, he had them done for the movie Spring Breakers. Instead of sitting through getting it done everyday, he just left them in.

Go Canes!

ACC Regular Season and Tournament Champs!

And the Heat extend their win streak to 22!

A great day in Miami!

Some more Oz stuff: I watched the Origin of Oz today on the Smithsonian Channel. Oscar's fanboying of Thomas Edison in the film came from L. Frank Baum's own fanboying of Thomas Edison. Oscar's bag of magic is from The Magic of Oz, the thirteenth book in the Oz story, where the Wizard carried his own 'bag of magic'. I love it when writers do their homework.

Oz stuff...

 photo tumblr_mim7cjYiPX1rot0kgo9_r1_250_zpsc422203a.gif
Oz The Great and Powerful

In Road to Oz, Baum's fifth book in the series, the Wizard creates large soap bubbles at Ozma's birthday party. The soap bubbles are strong enough for the guests to stand in them and float up into the air. Eventually, the Wizard would send the guests home in these bubbles.

I passed my first benchmark test! I have an accuracy rating of 92%. They are allowing me to correct my mistakes and resubmit them to get a higher score. There are two dictations for me to transcribe for each benchmark test.

The mini, spoiler-free review of Oz

As I told my sister this morning, pay no attention to the critics behind their computers, Oz is wonderful. I went in hoping to be entertained and have fun, I was not disappointed. I left the theater with a smile on face.

James Franco was better than I expected. He played the part of Oscar Diggs, a carny con man, womanizer, charmer, a man who is after riches and glory no matter who he hurts along the way, believable. Oscar had to keep the con act going even at the end of the film, but for different reasons.

The CGI was a fine mix of modern technology with the look and feel of the matte painting style in the background (one of the few nods to the 39 film). The opening credits are stunning, and I'm sure better in 3D. I predict a new Disney ride centered around a hot air balloon.

This movie shouldn't be looked at as a prequel to the 39 film, it really isn't, but more of a prequel to the Baum books, with a few creative liberties here and there. But there certainly were a few nods to that film that made me smile.

The length of the film didn't bother me. Not once did I look at my watch. As far as little ones seeing this, I'm not sure. There are some parts that may scare young children, so I would suggest parents seeing the film first and deciding for themselves if their children can handle the darker scenes.

This mini review is my opinion and your likes in movies could be different, with that said, I enjoyed the movie and will be seeing this again, now that I got the fangirl part of me out of my system.


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